Data Collection

Since our inception, our sampling and data collection methods have met the highest standards for both our market research industry and corporate clients.

Our deep analytical engine and advanced market research capabilities enable our clients to target their audiences with precision at surprising speed.

iMAD Research is a fast growing Market Research firm providing innovative online solutions to global clients with strong skills and technology.

iMAD Research offers field data collection services with effective survey
methodologies. Our experienced team of interviewers and supervisors can serve B2B and B2C studies. Our data collection techniques include both quantitative and qualitative methods.

Mobile research has the potential to connect with the different audiences across the globe in a quick turnaround time.

Secondary research is one of the most effective research methodologies. With the global presence of the world wide web it is easy to access information at any location or point of time. Our team members are experts in finding, interpreting and organizing secondary research insights which help in your decision making process.

Social Media
Social Media research is cost-effective and in-depth tool for gaining insights into your customers, market trends, brand effectiveness and other important market research aspects. The keys to utilizing social media for market research are to understand the benefits and developing a proper research plan.