Employee Feedback

Where does a small business or HR department go to get data on how you can improve the workspace, or why your employee churn rate is higher than you’d like? Employee feedback is the single best way to understand what your workforce needs to perform at its best and it is gathered through employee satisfaction surveys.

Types of employee surveys-

Exit interviews
Interviewing employees before they leave gives you a whole different level of insight into your company’s benefits policies, hiring and management styles. Most of the time simply asking why they’re leaving isn’t enough; ask them questions such as, “How much encouragement for professional growth did you have in this company?” or even, “How balanced was your work and personal life while working for this company?”. The answers you get may surprise you, and you’ll have valuable information you can use to help keep up your employee retention rate. Measuring the culture of inclusion and belonging
Building a workplace culture that prioritizes belonging and inclusion is the best way to attract diverse and talented people, create a sustainable workforce, and—most importantly—make employees feel supported.

Employee benefits
Are you offering the kind of benefits your workers want, or are you spending cash on things they don’t necessarily find valuable? For instance, would they rather have more work from home options or a vacation bonuses? Morale and State of mind Sometimes you just need to check in with your salespeople or staff to see what the overall morale is like. Small adjustments and big changes alike can mean the difference between happy, productive personnel and an unmotivated workforce.

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