The smart way evaluation of Business Idea & Market Insight

Any prototype of a unique idea needs to be validated with the profiled customer for relevance, feedback loops help to iteratively improve the product or service. Understanding the customer, their stated and aspirational needs are the starting point to gauge market response and readiness.


iMAD Research has vast experience and expertise with product innovation stages of companies, from idea to concept, product to market launch etc. A careful and unbiased assessment of the idea or product prototype, and facilitated discussions provide inputs on the way forward.The key base for any successful market strategy. For those who are looking for proper market analysis in a particular sector, no matter if an overall one or focus on a particular area as new areas of customers or screening of competitors. Complex data. Information, trends, related advisory. We always strive to find the most effective way to provide you with the data you and your business need. Do you have any questions regarding our service or its pricing? Feel free to contact us via email or visit our Contact page.