Meadia Assessment

A discipline of the social sciences that centers on the analysis of media content
rating the exposure using a number of pre-defined criteria that include tonal value and presence of hidden / key messages. It is said to be one of the fastest growing areas of mass communications research.

What is the purpose of Media Assessment?
Effective communication for business is now essential in a world of increasing
managerial accountability, new media development and stakeholder demand. Good strategic management of marketing and corporate communication requires clear vision, planning and review.

Good management requires good measurement. Demonstrating effectiveness is the challenge and to better inform management decision making.

The sound professional judgment of communicators, based on clear goals and
objectives, can now be supported by good research to monitor media profile,
progress and achievement at appropriate intervals. In this way resource can be better allocated to deliver the greatest effect for the success of the company or
organization and its ability to stay competitive and successful.

The purpose of media assessment is to provide communicators with the specialised tools and IT support which professionals in other fields have come to regard as second nature.

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