"Focused on Accuracy & Uniquely Rich Insights"

Without a profound knowledge of industry and understanding of the needs of your target audience, it is difficult to understand how best to serve them. iMad Research uses qualitative market research methods, through these, we help in the direction and system for qualitative research.


With our profound knowledge, our expertise has investigated thousand of different audiences across professions and the wide industries. Our experience allows us to recognize unique insights otherwise missed that are basic to successful choices. our team of qualitative moderators employs a variety of in-person and digital approaches designed to uncover stories that matter around consumer perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors.

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Our experienced team works closely with our quantitative research analysts to incorporate multi-modular research into a consistent story, providing you with uniquely rich insights and business-building recommendations. We additionally help the analyst to explain issues and know it all in a start to finish way. The idea of the data is intensely relying upon the data collection capacities.

Our Effective Qualitative Research Methods


Data Collection

Data collection gives a huge amount of data and coherent data options. Accuracy & quality play the key role in online data collection that transforms into actionable insights


In-depth Interviews

Online or Offline, iMAD's experts are fully equipped while conducting interviews in depth interviews. We require the topic and the questions you would like to ask the respondents and the results will be published to your mailbox.


Telephonic Direct Interviews

Consumer, B2B or Healthcare, choose iMAD for conducting the interviews over the phone. You'd no longer have to outsource the interview part to freelancers or other agencies.



Need to contact C-level Executives and top management brass at 500 fortune companies but no success through online. Fret not as we'd also be able to cover your CATI needs. We have dedicated resources to reach the required audiences.


Executive Interviews

iMad Research works together with you to structure a meeting protocol, recruit participants, and conduct the interviews and the resulting investigation