"Profound & Extensive Experience to ensure project decisions"

iMad Research operates in more than 34 countries across five continents, with a crucial improve the nature of quantitative market research of the Clients we serve globally, through our services. we are your reliable accomplice in quantitative market research, Consider us for your next project.


Our researchers focus on understanding the client’s needs and assemble all relevant data on any domain/industry. Our committed team of quantitative experts gives guidance and insight for variable objectives. The field questioners undergo project-specific training and mock interviewing sessions provided by industry-expert market researchers. An elaborate interviewer rating mechanism ensures that those who have carried out the task efficiently can work for the projects. An intricate questioner rating instrument guarantees that the individuals who have done the errand productively can work for the undertakings.


The main research techniques used for conducting quantitative market research are as follows:

  • Consumer (B2C) Market Interview (Survey)
  • Business Respondent (B2B) Survey
  • Online Survey Data Collection
  • Data Processing (DP)
  • Computer-Aided Personal Interviewing (CAPI)
  • Computer Aided Telephonic Interviewing (CATI)
  • Data Validation Service
  • Data Analysis