It is essential to measure the effectiveness of your organization’s brand and create a revenue-generating business strategy that is sustained over time and which can be achieved by staying informed of trends and opportunities in your industry.

Market research is the systemic gathering of information and analysis of the factors that influence an industry i.e. Customer behavior, emerging trends, product usage, brand positioning, etc. The data generated through market research is an invaluable tool for business strategy professionals working in brand marketing or competitive intelligence. Information produced by research practices can help companies make sound data-driven decisions to ensure maximum return on investment (ROI) from their marketing spends and focus their efforts on the right market segments. Research can also help prepare for future developments and changes in the market.

What is Syndicated Research?

Research that is conducted, published and sold by a market research firm independently. The market research firm leverages its industry expertise and
experience to determine the subject and scope of the study, including the questions asked and the populations targeted, and offers its results and analysis to multiple clients.


What is the Difference Between Adhoc and Syndicated Research?

Generally, market research firms offer their services in two forms: adhoc or custom research and syndicated research. The basic difference between the two is who funds it and who has ownership of the data. Adhoc research is specifically conducted for and funded by a single client company, and the results are proprietary to the client; whereas the data from syndicated studies is owned by the research firm.

One of the key benefits of syndicated research is cost efficiency. Because the same research results are purchased by several companies, the cost of performing the research is spread out among those companies.
Syndicated Research Can Help Companies Develop Business-Building Strategies.

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