It's important to know who you're working with. We pride ourselves in being easy to work with and we deliver on our commitments. We have built our client loyalty by doing it right the first time, working quickly and accurately. At iMAD, we believe in providing you with a more personalized and friendly project experience.

iMAD Leadership

"Kartik hails from a client service and a qualitative research background having started his career more than a decade ago. He is ambitious for providing maximum value to the client and growing collectively as an organization. In his previous roles, he has handled offline & online qualitative research as an expert."
Kartik Khanna

Cofounder and Director - Client Services

"Abhishek is a geek and started his career only a few years ago but his zeal to deliver has been rock solid even before he started working. An exceptional Project Manager and PM Leader. Apart from his native languages, he also knows Japanese. In his previous role, he has effectively handled online research projects."
Abhishek Soni

Cofounder and Director -
Project Management

"Harland is a Sales veteran having started his career more than a decade ago. He has mostly handled top management positions for brands like Forrester, Infor, Teradata, Gartner and Dynata (Erstwhile Research Now SSI). He loves to discuss things and how insights are revolutionizing technologies. "
Harland Kirby

Managing Director - USA

20+ years of successful market research sales and sales leadership experience from companies like Greenfield Online, Toluna, SSI, and Ascribe. He’s an innovative sales executive that translates exceptional sales management, strategic sales execution and operational expertise into topline growth and profitability.
Andrew Pfau (Andy)

President - USA

"Popularly called Shaan, he is a multi-professional with a decade of corporate experience in varied industries working in leading roles. He had worked with brands like Genpact, Toluna (ITWP Group), Innovate MR, Paneland MR. In his last role, he has headed business for USA and Healthcare. Apart from his experience in corporate, he is also a Writer, Photographer, Storyteller and Humanitarian."
Shantanu Sunil Saxenaa

Managing Director – APAC | EMEA