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Updated April 1, 2022

These terms and conditions of use (this ‘Agreement’) govern and define your use of this website, (‘Website’). The website is the sole property of and is made available for use by IMAD Research Inc. (the ‘Company’).
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  1. IMAD Research Inc. (the ‘Company’) reserves the right to change, update, modify or delete any or portions of this ‘Agreement’ at any time, without any prior notice, at our sole discretion. Your continued use of the ‘Website’ indicates your approval to our ‘Terms and Conditions’ collectively represented as this ‘Agreement’.

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  3. You may use or access the information available on this ‘Website’ for purely non-commercial or educational purposes only. Any use contrary to these ‘Terms and Conditions’ shall be deemed liable or responsible for trial against you in the court of law.

  4. You may visit or access the information or content available on this ‘Website’ as a visitor, and you will not be required to share any personally identifiable information for the same. However, if you want to access any of the features, services such as surveys, on the ‘Website’, you will be required to meet the eligibility requirements to take part in surveys or register with us.

  5. You may not use any form of data mining tools, software, bots or any other automated technique to access, download, catalogue or store any information available on the ‘Website’. You may not otherwise reproduce, post or distribute any form of content or information available on the ‘Website’ or to manipulate the results of any type of activity carried out on the ‘Website’ including, but not limited to, surveys and data research.

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  7. You may not send any form or type of unsolicited emails, including promotions or advertisements, through the ‘Website’ without seeking permission from the ‘Company’.

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  10. This ‘Website’ may contain external or ‘Third Party’ links pertaining to any form of services, products, features or applications offered by the associates of the ‘Company’. IMAD Research as the ‘Company’ do not verify the business practices of any of these affiliates or associates anyhow and neither do we govern their behaviour or make any warranties on their behalf under any circumstances. Any form of information or application downloaded from any ‘Third Party’ source or link is the responsibility of that specific party. The ‘Company’ takes no responsibility or liability for the authenticity or accuracy of any form of information contained, displayed and/or proclaimed on any such website.

  11. All or any information pertaining to this ‘Agreement’ is subject to change without any notice or liability at any point in future. IMAD Research as the ‘Company’ reserves the right to change, modify or edit the ‘Terms and Conditions’ by its own discretion. You may check the website to acquaint yourself with the updated version of our ‘Terms and Conditions’ as a part of the ‘Agreement’ on this ‘Website’ in future.

  12. In case you have any queries regarding the IMAD Research Inc. ‘Terms and Conditions’ please contact us by sending an email to