About iMAD Research

iMAD Research is a leading global market research company providing end to end data collection services including our global B2B, Healthcare, and Consumer  panel, survey programming, and 24/7 project management. We ensure the highest quality survey data so research companies, ad agencies and corporate brands can make better informed research and business decisions. Together with our select industry partners we directly connect with over 8 million respondents in over 35 countries with a focus on B2B Decision Makers, Healthcare Professionals, and Consumers


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Meet the Team

Kartik Khanna

Co-founder & Director - Client Services

Kartik has a client service and quantitative research background having started his career more than a decade ago at Forrester. He is singularly focused on providing maximum value to our global clients – while helping to grow the company from our office in India. He has years of experience as a project manager with both offline and online research.

Abhishek Soni

Co-founder & Director - Quantitative Research

Abhishek is a self-described “technology geek” and started his career with iMAD only a few years ago.  His drive to deliver the highest operational standards has helped build the company’s reputation as a true client partner. He’s an exceptional Project Manager, Leader and apart from his native languages, he is also fluent in Japanese. 

Andrew (Andy) Pfau


20+ years of successful market research sales and sales leadership experience from companies like Greenfield Online, Toluna, SSI, and Ascribe. He’s an innovative sales executive that translates exceptional sales management, strategic sales execution and operational expertise into topline growth and profitability.

Shantanu Sunil Saxenaa

MAnaging director - APAC | EMEA

Shaan has held multiple roles (Sales, BD, CX) throughout his distinguished career. Before iMAD, his strategies and leadership benefitted global brands like Nissan, Genpact, Toluna (ITWP Group), Innovate MR, Paneland MR, and many more. Shaan is best known for building brands, insightful consulting and storytelling, writing, producing, and hosting gripping audio shows.

Garrett MacCarthy

Director, Client Development, EMEA

Garrett has over 20 years of business experience covering technology, macroeconomic investment research, marketing communications, media and sport. Before joining iMAD Research, Garrett worked at Keypoint Intelligence and the Financial Times, where he was part of the team that established a standalone emerging market research service. 

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