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ESOMAR 37 Questions

ESOMAR 37 is a set of questions, standardized by ESOMAR, to help buyers evaluate the offerings of different online sample providers. The purpose of these 37 questions and answers is to start a conversation between prospective sample buyers and the iMAD team. 

iMAD's Panel Book

Download our free Panel Book to gain insight into our global panel coverage and associated profile points:

  • B2B:  Industry, company size, title, area of responsibility and more
  • Healthcare:  Professionals, specialties, ailments,
    and more
  • Consumer:  Age, gender, region, ethnicity, race,
    income, and more 

Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing

From entry-level employees to business decision-makers and niche audiences of consumers, this new research methodology allows us to engage respondents in another meaningful way to elicit actionable insights. Learn more about our newest offering through this downloadable booklet.