Survey Programming


For your end-to-end research goals, iMAD provides survey programming capabilities – based on your tool of choice. Be it Qualtrics, Confirmit, Decipher, Sawtooth we have programming expertise in all of the most popular survey programs.


Survey hosting on iMAD’s servers provides smooth operation with minimal downtime. Keep your internal bandwidth worries at bay when you host your survey with us.

Data Delivery

iMAD offers a variety of datafile formats from which to choose. Be it SPSS, Excel, ASCII or any other format, you’ll be covered when you choose our end-to-end data collection capabilities.


Want to field a survey in a foreign country with Non-English language support? With iMAD, you’re at the right place. We provide translations in more than 100 languages around the globe.


When Tools Meet Expertise

Our qualified experts will enable you to fully leverage the power of these popular survey programming tools. Execute your surveys with confidence by tapping into our expertise and utilizing these tools to their full potential. Our experienced survey programmers are proficient in the following survey platforms:  Alchemer (formerly Survey Gizmo), Decipher, Confirmit, Qualtrics, and Sawtooth. 

Programmed for Success

iMAD provides the most responsive and accurate survey programming capabilities in the industry. We use the latest techniques and industry-recognized survey programs which offer in-field monitoring, survey management, and advanced analytics. By utilizing automation, dashboards, real-time reporting, and mobile optimization, our experienced team of Survey Programmers and Project Managers provide you with an innovative approach to research execution.

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