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iMAD redefines B2B CATI with an innovative CATI recruitment strategy that guarantees engagement across diverse demographics. Whether it’s elusive IT decision-makers, healthcare decision makers, or other B2B, consumer or patient segments, our approach is productive and cost effective. 

We have access to business directory databases, granting us access to an extensive range of companies across different global regions, industries, professional sectors and employee sizes. These databases serve as a starting point for connecting with the right respondents quickly and efficiently. 

Our existing proprietary panel of B2B and Consumer respondents form the backbone of our recruitment success. With a vast pool of individuals with whom we maintain close ties, we can initiate recruitment and interviews promptly, ensuring a seamless process from start to finish. 

We employ a proactive snowballing and referral strategy. Continuously seeking referrals allows us to expand our reach exponentially, enriching our respondent network and bolstering our existing panel with fresh perspectives. 

Harnessing the power of social media tools streamlines the recruitment process. Platforms like these facilitate rapid connection, validation, and authentication of respondents, ensuring that we engage with the right individuals at the right time. Subscriptions to these platforms enable us to foster personal connections and nurture long-term relationships with respondents, enhancing the quality of our data. 

Together, these tools form a comprehensive toolkit that empowers us to recruit and interview a diverse range of respondents across different geographical regions and profile segments. With iMAD’s innovative CATI recruitment solutions, reaching your target audience has never been easier or more effective. 

Experience the difference and revolutionize your recruitment process with iMAD. Contact us today at to get started.


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