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At iMAD, we pride ourselves on delivering top-tier panel respondents to ensure the utmost confidence in your end data set. Our robust data collection process is meticulously designed to guarantee the highest standards of data quality and reliability. Here’s how we ensure excellence at every step:

Project Filter:

Prescreening Excellence: Leveraging advanced prescreening techniques, we implement a tailored set of questions to filter out the precise audience you need before the respondents hit your screener. This process ensures relevance and accuracy from the start.

Geolocation Precision: Our cutting-edge technology enables us to pinpoint the geographical location of each device with remarkable precision, and will block any duplications from entering the survey.

Unique IP Identification: We meticulously capture the unique address of each device, eliminating redundancies and ensuring a diverse and representative respondent pool.

Speeder Checks for Efficiency: With our Speeder Checks, we maintain a minimum of 1/3rd of Median LOI, ensuring optimal engagement and data quality throughout the survey process.

Exclusion/Deduplication Expertise: Through exclusion of completes or any other statuses from previous studies, we guarantee the integrity and freshness of your data, free from duplication.

Proxy Utilization for Global Reach: Our innovative use of proxies enables seamless connectivity from any location worldwide, ensuring inclusivity and diversity in your respondent demographics.

Captcha Security Measures: We employ puzzle questions (Captcha) to safeguard against bots or automated scripts, ensuring that only genuine human respondents contribute to your data set.

PII Compliance: Our platform enables the secure capture of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in surveys, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

Dynamic Thanks URL: By default, we utilize dynamic URLs of our proprietary B2B and B2C panels to express gratitude and enhance respondent satisfaction, fostering a positive survey experience.

URL Protection Protocols: Rigorous safeguards are in place to prevent unauthorized access, misuse, or manipulation of URLs, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of your data.

Re-invitation Capability: Our flexible system allows for easy re-invitation of respondents into the survey, maximizing response rates and ensuring robust data collection.

Coordinates Tracking: We capture precise latitude and longitude data, providing valuable geospatial insights to enrich your analysis.

Security Filter:

Research Defender Integration: Our partnership with Research Defender empowers us to eliminate fraudsters and bad actors in real-time. This safeguards the integrity of your data with advanced threat potential scoring and fraud database integration.

RDText Analysis: Through seamless integration with RDText, our API identifies and evaluates the quality of Open-End Text Responses, ensuring actionable insights from every respondent.

Device Filter:

Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop Studies: Our inclusive approach accommodates respondents across all devices, ensuring comprehensive coverage and accessibility.

Other Data Quality Checks:

Combatting Ghost Completes: We employ advanced algorithms to detect and filter out ghost completes, ensuring that only genuine responses contribute to your data set.

Battling BOTs and Robots: Our AI-powered algorithms are adept at identifying and neutralizing automated software programs, preserving the authenticity and reliability of your data.

Eliminating OE Gibberish: Non-sensical or irrelevant content is swiftly filtered out, maintaining the integrity and coherence of your data set.

Detecting Straight-liners: Measures are in place to detect and prevent straight-lining behavior, ensuring genuine and thoughtful responses throughout the survey.

Red-Herring Identification: We identify and filter out irrelevant or misleading data points, ensuring the accuracy and relevance of your analysis.

IP Management: Rigorous checks are conducted to detect and address duplicate IPs, minimizing redundancy and ensuring the uniqueness of each response.

Fraud IP Detection: Our sophisticated algorithms flag and mitigate responses from fraudulent IPs, preserving the integrity and reliability of your data.

AI Response Monitoring: We closely monitor responses to detect and address any AI-generated content, maintaining the authenticity and trustworthiness of your data set.

Algorithmic Checks: Automated algorithms are deployed to identify and address non-congruent responses, ensuring coherence and reliability in your data.

Pattern Analysis for Data Integrity: Advanced pattern analysis techniques are employed to identify and remove any data inconsistencies, guaranteeing the accuracy and reliability of your final data set.

We are committed to delivering the highest quality panel respondents, backed by a comprehensive and rigorous data collection process. With our expertise, advanced technology and security mechanisms, you can trust that your data quality is in safe hands. Make informed decisions with confidence, get a quote for your next research project at


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