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This month, IMAD Research celebrates five years in business. We sat down with the leadership team and asked them to weigh in on what their experience has been like in the last 5 years, what they feel the drivers of success have been, and what we can look forward to from iMad in the future. Click below for a video highlighting some of their responses, and excitement for what’s to come:

iMad Research was founded in 2017 by Kartik Khanna and Abhishek Soni. The partners, both of whom had a background in the market research industry and in client services, identified pain points along the research process and more specifically, issues that stemmed from a lack of integrity in online panels. Together, Kartik and Abhi set out to create a company with a mission of providing the highest quality, proprietary panel in the industry, paired with outstanding service for their clients.

Meeting Challenges Along the Way

They remained steadfast in their mission as the company grew and faced multiple challenges, like an unprecedented global pandemic and evolutions in technology that caused a surge in sample fraud. iMad met those challenges by implementing programs and partnerships to stop fraud before it starts. This ensures that every survey launched on behalf of their clients reaches real humans that are ready to provide insightful data.

“We plan to hire an industry veteran in the UK market that will help us expand our presence there. We’re also looking to grow in the APAC markets… including Singapore.”

Kartik Khanna, Co-Founder

The Next 5 Years

What can we expect from iMad in the next 5 years? Andrew Pfau, President of iMad Research US, says “We’re going to continue what we’re doing. We’ve got a really strong customer base. Year after year, project after project, we’re building a nice reputation in the space… we love keeping our clients happy.” Co-Founder Kartik Khanna tell us that “The last five years have been a great time for expansion in the US markets. Looking to the future, we plan to hire an industry veteran in the UK market that will be helping us expand our presence there. We’re are also looking to grow in the APAC markets as well, including Singapore.”

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