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This season is often one of reflection. We look back at the year behind us, thinking about all of the goals we had set for ourselves at the beginning, and the accomplishments we’ve made since. Here at iMAD Research, we’ve experienced significant growth in 2022 and celebrated many milestone achievements that a relatively young company like ours can be proud of.

We Celebrated Our Five Year Anniversary

In July of 2022, we officially celebrated 5 years since co-founders Kartik Khanna and Abhishek Soni launched iMAD Research. According to recent data from Forbes, more than 45% of start-ups fail within their first five years in business. Reaching this milestone is a major achievement for any company, but for a newcomer into an industry that is already saturated with similar businesses, it’s even more remarkable. iMAD Research had to truly stand out from the crowd with exceptional client service and industry leading quality in our offerings. While this was not an easy task, it is proof that when you put the right team and the right technology together, anything is possible.

We Launched A New Website

Every business needs an online presence. We recognized that while ours had been functioning as a place holder for several years, we needed a website that worked much harder for us. We partnered with an agency that had experience in the market research industry to create a new, branded web experience for our visitors. The newly designed site communicates our capabilities in a beautiful and interactive way, and with our unique voice. As part of this effort, we also committed to generating regularly scheduled content for our blog. Specifically, we focused on content that helps educate our audience on industry trends and important things to look for when considering a panel partner.

We Attended 7 Global Industry Conferences

With the return of in-person conferences in the past year and half, we’ve enjoyed having face-time with our clients and peers, and keeping a finger on the pulse of the market research industry. Events like Quirks, Greenbook’s IIEX conferences, ESOMAR, and other networking-focused events help us to stay up to date on the latest innovations in technology and the changing needs of the market. Curious where we’ll be in 2023? We’ve recently updated our events page so our friends will know where to find us this coming year!

Our Team Has Grown Along With Our Client Roster

We recently made strategic hires in the EMEA market to help us continue to reach our goals of global expansion, and are actively hiring in the US to help us balance our project management team across markets. Overall, our staff has grown by 25% this year alone. We’re hoping to continue this trend into 2023 and beyond as we work toward our mission of unparalleled client service!

If you would like to learn more about iMAD Research and what these milestones of 2022 mean for your business, contact us at and talk to a member of our leadership team. Keep an eye on our blog for more carefully curated content in 2023!


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