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Online research has necessarily evolved in recent years as it’s become more and more important to understand our consumers on a deeper level, understanding the people behind the numbers.  Beyond simple metrics like age, location, and status… we want to dig deeper into their behaviors, thoughts, and feelings to get a bigger picture of what’s driving their purchasing decisions.  We need to start with rich data on the individual themselves before we can source rich data from them in return.

When we recruit respondents into iMAD’s proprietary panel, we create a comprehensive profile on each individual.  As part of our project management practices, we review screeners and proposed survey questions to help ensure our clients are maximizing their results by asking the appropriate questions that will dig deep into the “why” behind a respondent’s decisions. 

Taking a deeper dive into our panelists allows our clients to conduct studies that gain them better understanding and insights into their consumer’s story.  This allows them collect richer data that allows them to tailor their messaging and personalize the customer experience in ways that today’s consumers expect, especially when combined with a tracking study.

Customer tracking can add value not just to your bottom line, but to your customer’s journey as well by offering a personalized product experience, follow-ups to recent purchases, and more. At iMAD, we offer our clients (both end clients and B2B) the ability to keep a finger on the pulse of their target market by tracking their consumer’s online spending and behavior over time to stay on top of any important changes that may effect their brand, marketing objectives, sales goals, and more.

It’s imperative for everyone in the marketing industry to take into account the humanity of online survey research and remember that there are real people behind the numbers. We strive to not only provide a great service to our B2B and end clients, but also to our respondents as well. Creating a better consumer experience and driving the market forward with excellent research results.

Learn more about our proprietary panel by downloading our Panel Book or emailing a member of the iMAD Research team at


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