Gen Z-ing Your Way to Success

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Generation Z, born between the mid-1990s and the early 2010s, is unlike any consumer cohort before it. Raised on screens, fluent in online slang, and deeply passionate about social causes, they demand authenticity, purpose, and a genuine connection from the brands they engage with. To tap into this powerful market, brands need to ditch outdated tactics and embrace fresh approaches that resonate with Gen Z’s unique values and mental health landscape.

Understanding the Gen Z Psyche:

Redefining Marketing Tactics: Ditch the Inauthentic Hustle: Gen Z sees through inauthenticity like a hawk through tissue paper. Ditch celebrity endorsements and staged perfection. Showcase real people, employee stories, and behind-the-scenes glimpses to build trust and transparency.

Values First, Sales Second: Champion a cause, advocate for social justice, and be environmentally conscious. Gen Z craves brands that align with their values. Integrate your purpose seamlessly into your brand narrative, but avoid tokenism. Be genuine in your commitment to making a difference.

Embrace Mobile-First Experiences: Gen Z lives on their phones. Optimize your website and marketing campaigns for mobile, prioritize short-form content like TikTok videos and Instagram stories, and engage with them where they spend their time online.

Befriend Micro-Influencers: Ditch the mega-stars and seek out micro-influencers who resonate with Gen Z’s specific interests and communities. Authenticity reigns supreme, so choose influencers who genuinely love your brand and can advocate for it honestly.

Create Immersive Experiences: Gen Z craves more than just information; they want experiences. Organize webinars with mental health experts, host interactive virtual events, or partner with Gen Z creators to launch collaborative projects. Make your brand a part of their world, not just an ad they scroll past.

Embrace User-Generated Content (UGC): Let Gen Z tell your story. Encourage and share UGC, showcasing how your product integrates into their lives. UGC builds trust and fosters a sense of community, proving that your brand is more than just a logo.

Prioritize Mental Health Awareness: Acknowledge the mental health struggles Gen Z faces. Partner with mental health organizations, offer discounts on therapy services, or include resources in your content. Show that you care about their well-being, not just their wallets.

Market Research: Essential for Gen Z Mastery:

One of the foundational steps for brands targeting Gen Z is in-depth market research. Understanding Gen Z’s preferences goes beyond assumptions. Invest in thorough market research, actively engage with the community through online surveys, social media polls, and focus groups. Engaging directly with Gen Z through online platforms allows brands to understand their real perspectives, preferences, and grievances. Understand their current needs, anxieties, and aspirations. Tailor your product offerings and messaging to address these concerns and aspirations. Remember, relevance is key.

The iMAD Advantage: Unlocking Global Gen Z Insights

Reaching Gen Z is a global endeavor. At iMAD, we provide brands with the tools and resources needed to connect with this demographic across borders. Our comprehensive global sample network and proprietary research assets offer:

Multilingual and multicultural expertise: We conduct research in multiple languages and understand the nuances of different cultures, ensuring your message resonates with Gen Z audiences worldwide.
Customizable research solutions: We tailor our research approach to your specific needs and budget, providing actionable insights that inform your marketing strategy.
Access to diverse Gen Z populations: We connect you with relevant Gen Z respondents in any country, ensuring your research accurately reflects the target audience.


Successfully targeting the Gen Z market requires a deep understanding of their mindset, preferences, and the unique challenges they face, particularly concerning mental health. Brands that prioritize authenticity, inclusivity, and social responsibility, backed by thorough market research, will find themselves better positioned to connect with and build lasting relationships with Gen Z. By leveraging iMAD’s global sample data collection network, brands can gather invaluable insights that inform and enhance their marketing strategies for this dynamic and influential demographic. Remember, Gen Z is the future, and the future is authentic, purposeful, and connected.


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