iMAD Research Joins the Market Research Society (MRS)

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iMAD Research has recently formed a partnership with the Market Research Society (MRS), marking a significant milestone for us. This collaboration represents our commitment to MR standards of excellence as a leading global market data collection company. By aligning with the MRS, we’re part of a network of top-tier professionals in the market research industry, providing invaluable opportunities for our team to expand their expertise and contribute to thought leadership and educational initiatives.

MRS serves as a hub for diverse minds to converge, fostering collaboration among experts in market research. We’re proud to be part of this dynamic community, enabling us to delve deeper into our research endeavours, broaden our collaborative efforts and set more ambitious goals for ourselves.

At iMAD Research, we’re dedicated to delivering research data collection that truly makes a difference. Our unwavering focus on producing tangible results has cemented last partnerships with our Clients.

Our affiliation with MRS signifies more than just a mere association – it symbolizes our commitment to develop new process/technologies and undertaking new projects that have the potential for great impact. We’re excited about the opportunities ahead and the prospect of forging new partnerships and driving meaningful advancements in our field.


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